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Great Value

For users who are looking not to spend an arm and a leg hoping to get into vaporizing, the newly updated Arizer XQ2 might just be the device you’d want to check out. This improved desktop vaporizer can hang with the best of them, whilst this still isn’t up to par with a Volcano, the XQ2 delivers when it comes to performance.

The XQ2 unit delivers exceptional vapor clouds especially for a desktop unit with a price point on the lower side. Not to mention it has updated features that will enhance every session is it used – on a budget everything about this upgraded unit has been elevated and refined.


Quality Vapor Production

As Arizer has taken the time to build its reputation based on customer satisfaction, this upgraded XQ2 is essentially a culmination of Arizer’s 15 years of development and product design experience in the industry. This remote-controlled bargain comes packed with a convention system that’s smooth and will catch users off guard.

Not to mention this XQ2 kit comes with a full set of accessories to enhance your vaping experience. The new mini whip can either be used to fill balloons or to pull directly from the connoisseur bowls for a more personal approach that’s a joy to use.


Refined Features

With the quietest fan in a desktop vaporizer, the Arizer XQ2 lets you take the remote and put you behind the wheel of this Swiss army knife of a unit. Change the auto-shutoff timer, temperature, or fan speed at the click of a button. Or change the OLEG light to brighten your mood during your session!

Enjoy the preset temperature settings or a multitude of temperature options with a precise selection for a more customizable experience. The XQ2 definitely fits with more bells and whistles in this new iteration for a modest price.


Mini Whip & Balloon Included

The XQ2 brings back the whip attachment as well as the glass mini whip for its updated XQ2 desktop vaporizer. As this was introduced into the market via the Arizer V-Tower back in 2010 the design became so popular that other manufacturers haven’t hesitated to borrow this design feature and add it to their own units.

Having the option between the mini whip, 3' whip, and the balloon is great for both solo or group sessions as this will meet your needs regardless if you’re a seasoned user wanting to have a balloon all to yourself for those long vaporizing sessions.


Simple To Use & Maintain

This XQ2 desktop vaporizer has value all around and will fill users' needs regardless of the occasion or company. Simply load up one of the connoisseur bowls provided to your liking and start your session with a preset temperature from the comfort of your couch with the handy remote.

Everything about cleaning this new Arizer unit is kept simple. The attachment pieces disassemble making cleaning a breeze. Nothing more than rubbing alcohol/hot water & soap are needed to maintain these and the balloons are easily replaceable as well when get spent!

Arizer XQ2 Specifications

Manufacturer Arizer
Vaporizer Type Desktop
Heat Up Time 1 minute
Compatibility Herbs
Heat Style Convection
Warranty 2 years w/ Arizer
Temperature 50°C-260°C
Dimensions 15cm x 15cm x 19cm
Weight 500g
Powered By Wall plug
In The Box 1 x Arizer XQ2 Vaporizer (Australia)
1 x Power Adapter and Cord
1 x Remote Control
2 x Glass Connoisseur Bowls
2 x Glass Tuff BowlGrips
1 x Glass Aromatherapy Dish
1 x 3’ Whip (Silicone)
1 x Glass Mini Whip w/ Dome Screen
1 x Frosted Glass Balloon Mouthpiece
1 x Balloon Connector
2 x Balloon Bags
1 x Balloon Cap
1 x Air Filter Cartridge w/ Filter
1 x Stainless Steel Stirring Tool
1 x Flat Screen
1 x Sample Aromatic Botanicals
1 x Owner’s Manual

Additional information

Weight 1.67 kg
Dimensions 19 × 19 × 25 cm


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