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BluntLife Room Sprays are packaged in an eye-catching Rasta-colored POP display that is perfect for smoke shops and gas stations. These small, 1oz bottles are filled with brightly-colored air freshener sprays that come in tons of different scents. There’s something for everyone in here. Classic fruity scents like Fruit Punch and Pineapple are found next to unique scents that simply smell great, like Black Rain, Lush, and My Queen. They also include scents that smell just like designer fragrances like Versace, Dolce and Gabbana, and Michael Kors.


  • BLUNTLIFE | BluntLife products are made to make any room smell great, even after someone smokes something as stinky as a blunt. They make it easy to enjoy a smoke anywhere without worrying about offending someone with smell.
  • EXTRA STRONG | These small room sprays have potent smell power. These are oil-based perfume sprays that really pack a punch. Make sure to spray directly into the air and not on surfaces or fabrics.
  • ASSORTED | This display is packed with a variety of different scents to please any customer’s nose. There are fruity options, cologne scents, and even dupes of popular designer fragrances.
  • 1OZ BOTTLES | Each BluntLife Room Spray comes in small glass bottle with a white plastic spray cap. The liquid is brightly colored in assorted tones, and each bottle holds 1 fluid ounce.BluntLife Assorted Scents Room Spray

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