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UNIQUE ~ Thimble design; the original finger dabber!

User Friendly ~ Stands by itself to prevent your dabs from getting dirty, different tips for all types of concentrate, eliminates some of the juggle while dabbing and easy to clean!

MULTIPURPOSE~ All of the dabbers double as a carb cap in a pinch for low temp dabs!

UNBREAKABLE ~ Crafted from T2 titanium equivalent marine grade stainless steel!

Safe ~ Zero heat transfer to your finger during use, they resist oxidation (off-gassing) when exposed to temperatures up to 1,400° so it’s beyond safe to use with any dab set up. Also provided with the v1 Needle Point is a protective cap for when not in use to prevent harm!

MADE IN AMERICA ~ Down to the packaging they come in!

The original Dank Dabber Needle Point is ideal for concentrates with its extremely fine point to help reduce reclaim left on the dabber and offers a unique thimble design. The needle point also comes with a protective cap for when not in use!

The v2 Scrape Tip works excellent with shatter and other hard concentrates. Brush the tip of the dabber to your torch and it will easily pierce through your hard shatter so you don’t loose any of your precious material!

The v3 Ball Point works great with your distillate and shatter. We also designed the tip to fit in the exact diameter of the v4 Scoop Tip, so they work great together as a pair!

The v4 Scoop Tip was released by popular demand and works great for crumble or very viscous concentrates. We highly recommend you purchase the v3 Ball Point at the same time as they are designed to work together to keep the tips clean!

This v5 Hollow Point is great for all applications. It’s sharp to easily pick at shatter, beveled edges to help scrape sides of containers and scooping ability to grab up sauce, crumble or distillate. The hole drilled is to allow reclaim to drain out easily. If you can’t decide which dabber to try first, go with this one!

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Dank Dabber

Needle Point, Scrape Tip, Ball Point, Scoop Tip, Hollow Point

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