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Manufacturing has been working tirelessly to create a great tasting detox gum, with all the same ingredients infused into a much better tasting gum!

Inclosed gum will consist of 6 pieces of either infused dissolvable mint or similar.


  • Place 2 pieces of gum in mouth
  • Chew until gum begins to dissolve (approximately 90 seconds)
  • The gum will reduce to approximately 1/3 of original size.
  • Continue to chew for a further minute.
  • At this point the gum will have dissolved and be ready for use.
  • To enhance effect, you may drink a glass of water and swish to spread contents.
  • For best results do not consume toxins for 24-38 hours preceding testing.
  • 99.9% success if instructions above followed correctly.

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