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Introducing Freshies Car Air Fresheners!

  • One of the all-time great childhood throwbacks!
  • Keeps clean cars smelling fresh for 2+ weeks
  • Brilliant gift idea for a friend or family member

SIZING: 61mm wide X 98mm high

REMEMBER: Freshies are to be freely hung from a hook or mirror within your car and should not come in contact with any part of your car for a prolonged period, as this may cause damage.

NOTE: Will not melt in warmer temperatures.


Scents are randomly assorted, however, if you have a preference please put the name of it in the notes at the completion of your order.

Scents listed below:

  1. Bubble O’Bill – Caramel
  2. Bubble Tea – Jasmine
  3. Parmi – Dark Ice
  4. Covid Bottle – Lime
  5. Cruiser – Grape
  6. Smokes – Vanilla
  7. Vapes – Fressia
  8. VB Tinnie – Dark Ice
  9. Vodka Bottles – Dark Ice
  10. Zinger Box – Dark Ice
  11. Speedies – Vintage Cologne
  12. Shoey – Dark Ice
  13. Perfume – Lily

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