Kayd Mayd | 3D Printed Dab Station – 5″X3.75″


• 5″x3.75″ wide dab station
• 3D-printed plastic
• Extremely durable & shatter resistant
• (2) silicone concentrate containers (included)
• Glass alcohol vial (included)
• Storage for concentrate accessories
• Made in the USA
• Assorted colors (Note: color may vary)

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The Kayd Mayd 3D Printed Dab Station holds all of your dabbing accessories without taking up much space. The station has built-in storage space for a carb cap, two silicone wax concentrate containers (included), tools, q-tips, nails and a rubbing alcohol vial (included). Also includes storage space for the silicone container caps so they can stay clean during your dabbing sesh. The carb cap cut-out is designed to hold just about any carb cap. After you are done, you have your alcohol and q-tips handy to clean the sticky out your banger nail.

Made in the USA with 3D-printed plastic which makes it virtually indestructible and shatter resistant. Each dab station has a unique color scheme so that no two are the same.

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Dimensions 13 × 10 × 6 cm
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