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Lemon Haze filter tips from King Palm are a safe and easy way to add some citrusy lemon flavor to your favorite rolling papers, blunt wraps, and cigarillos. Made from natural corn husk, each filter tip has a built-in flavor pearl made with terpene-infused food grade essential oils that provide a subtle flavor that complements the dry herb. Squeeze and pop the filter to activate the flavor, which can be done at any point during the smoke session. Pop it before the first inhale or wait until the last few hits to finish it off with a fruity burst of flavor like dessert. The 7mm size is ideal for both joints and blunts, and is the smallest filter size King Palm offers. Unlike a glass tip, these will never shatter and provide a cooling sensation when bitten down on that makes smoke less harsh. Each pack of tips includes two individual 7mm filters. Each individual pouch is pre-priced with an MSRP of $0.99. The display box has a dispenser on the front, and also has the pre-priced markings. Customers can reach right in and add a taste of King Palm to whatever papers or wraps they’re also buying. King Palm Filter tips are the safest way to enjoy a flavored wrap!

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