King Palm French Brown Papers w/ Flavored Tips 1 ¼ Size


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King Palm French Brown Rolling Papers are ultra thin, premium papers that come with pre-rolled King Palm squeeze-and-pop flavor filter tips. Each booklet includes 24 1 ¼ size French Brown papers and 11 filter tips.

French Brown papers are super thin and super strong, which makes rolling easier and makes each roll better. They burn smooth and slow, creating a very enjoyable joint smoking experience. The classic King Palm filter tips are pre-rolled with a flavor pearl inside that is squeezed to activate the flavor. The joint will taste unflavored until the flavor bead has been popped. 

FRENCH BROWN | King Palm French Brown papers are their thinnest and strongest joint papers ever. Made of unbleached fibers, they provide a smooth, slow burn. 

FLAVOR TIPS | Each pack includes the classic King Palm flavor filter tips. Squeeze to pop and activate the flavor bead inside. 

1 ¼ SIZE | These are standard 1 ¼ size rolling papers.  

11CT TIPS | Slide the drawer out of the pack to find the pre-rolled filter tips. There are 11 tips in each booklet. 

Each booklet includes 24 leaves.


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