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Grind a whole bunch of nugs at once to the perfect, chunky consistency to pack King Palms with! The King Palm Grinder is a heavy duty 2-piece grinder that can tackle dense, sticky nugs with ease. Made of matte black aluminum, these herb grinders are huge with a 62mm diameter. Just add the cannabis in between the two layers, and twist the pieces together. Open it back up and dump the grind right into the rolling tray, there are no other layers to open.

  • CHOOSE YOUR SIZE | The King Palm Grinder is a heavy hitter. This grinder has weight to it, and can grind multiple grams of dry product at once. It's ideal for packing multiple King Palms at once.
  • 2-PIECE | These are 2-piece grinders that have a magnetic closure in the center. Simply pull the two side apart to load in the product, and close it up to start twisting and grinding. It is very straightforward to use.
  • BLACK | Each piece is made of anodized aluminum with a matte black ceramic finish. This finish keeps it turning smoothly even when grinding the stickiest nugs. The top has a white King Palm logo and underneath it says STAY GRINDIN¬Ě.
  • TOOLS | Each package also includes two bonus tools. These accessories are used to clear out any clogs from inside, and collect the kief that falls off the nugs. It includes a scraper tool and a mini brush.

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