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King Palm Skywalker Cones are pre-rolled cones are made with premium, colored French paper. Each pack includes 3 cones with one of each color: pink, purple, and light blue. These are adorable, aesthetically pleasing cones that come in an eye-catching pink and purple display box. There are 3 cones per pack.

Each Skywalker Cone is rolled with a paper filter tip. This cools the smoke, makes each inhale smoother, and catches any debris from being inhaled. Skywalker cones are unflavored, so only the natural terpenes of the flower will shine through.

SKYWALKER CONES | Add some flair to your cone selection with these colorful King Palm Skywalker Cones! These pastel colored cones are cute and make great gifts.

COLORED CONE | Skywalker Cones are King Palm’s first colored cones. They are made with premium French paper and come with 1 pink, 1 lavender, and 1 sky blue colored cones.

KING SIZE | These are king size pre-rolled cones. They can fit approximately 1.25g of flower inside.

PAPER FILTER | Each Skywalker Cone is pre-rolled with a paper filter tip. This helps the cone keep its shape, cools the smoke, and catches crumbs from being sucked into your mouth.

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