King Palm Wooden Smoked Here Hang Sign


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Furnishings and decor are what elevates a store from a regular old smoke shop to a cool, popular destination. Displaying fun things from the brands you carry is a great way to promote your selection from any vantage point in the store. By hanging something up on a wall or from the ceiling, it draws the customer’s eye up, letting them know you carry that brand before they even pass by that area of the store. The King Palm Smoked Here¬Ěsign is a fun, cheeky way to say that you carry the most popular brand of tobacco-free pre-rolls. This sign prominently shows a King Palm wrap laying on its side, just above large black text that says SMOKED HERE. There’s a black King Palm logo above the cone. The sign is made of a light-colored wood with a tan rope to hang it from.

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