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The Magical Butter MB2E 240V Machine Makes Herbal Butters | Oils | Tinctures | Soups | Sauces | Salad Dressings | Skin Care Products | Pet Medicines and more.

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The Magical Butter MB2e is the latest in convenient health food preparation utensils. The Magical Butter can easily make herbal butters, oils, tinctures, soups, salad dressings, skin care products, pet medicines and much more!

The unique MB2e technology botanical extractor ensures that you can easily utilise herbs and fresh fruit or vegetables from around the home! The Magical Butter is designed to easily infuse herbs and flavours into your food.

The Magic Butter Machine is the world’s first Botanical Extractor designed for creating recipes, infusing the essence of herbs into butter, oil, grain alcohol, lotions and more. This allows customers to infuse butter with their desired product with little to no labour. The machine uses a blender, a thermostat and a heating unit. The machine grinds, heats, stirs and steeps the herbal extract at all of the correct time intervals and temperature so that the desired infusion is achieved easily, safely and consistently. These machines are extremely easy to use and efficient. The process of manually infusing butter with your herb can take up to 10-12 supervised hours. The machine significantly cuts down the time to 3-4 hours and does not require any assistance. You can start it up and get on with your day!

As Australian resellers, we only stock the AU 240v MB2e.

  • Product Width 25.4cm
  • Product Height 35.56 Inches
  • Product Depth 25.4
  • Product Weight is 3.6Kg
  • Capacity 2-5 Cups of Liquids

*Love Glove and Purify Filter are included with each machine.

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Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 24 × 24 × 35 cm


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