Mig Vapor | Black and Standard Sub-Herb | Vaporizer | Replacement Coil and Base


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  • For use with sub ohm battery
  • Ceramic Plate for Herb and Concentrates
  • No Exposed Coils
  • Baking watts 19-27w mod (MR Battery)
  • New ceramic heating technology
  • Avoid using temp control mod
  • New Air Flow
  • Low Resistance coil inside the baking plate
  • 65 Degrees hotter than The satadard Sub- Herb
    • Balck Sub Herb Coil, Base with seals

Replaceable mesh

The Black Sub Herb Uses our new heat baking technology combined with an all new ceramic heating Plate and reached temperatures 65 degrees hotter than the standard.

        • Sub Herb vaporizer is designed for dry herb and Concentrates
        • To be used with sub ohm devises
        • True Convection Technology™
        • No Combustion
        • Use in controlled environment and test with low watts
        • do not overheat*
        • will be hot to the touch, allow to cool
        • do not use with temperature control mod devices
        • Do not use with auto adjusting mod devices
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