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Does your mouthpiece feel cracked, dirty, or just worn out? Do you need some spares for vaping with guests? The Mouthpiece Set is a pack of 4 replacement mouthpieces for the Mighty, Crafty or Crafty+ portable vaporizer and is a genuine Storz & Bickel replacement part. Don't use anything else in your Mighty, Crafty or Crafty+; the Mouthpiece Set is specially made to fit the cooling unit, and is made from Storz & Bickel's famous heat resistant medical grade plastic that won't offgas or affect the flavour/purity of your herbs.

How It Works:

The replacement mouthpieces are simple to use. Simply pull out the old mouthpiece and slide the new one into its place. The mouthpiece is designed specifically for the Mighty vaporizer, so it should fit into place easily.

Breathe in from the mouthpiece after it is attached. Remove the mouthpiece when it is no longer necessary and clean it to remove bacteria or other contaminants.

Replacements are essential when the mouthpiece becomes damaged, cracked or shows signs of wear and tear. Any small cracks in the plastic mean that the mouthpiece may not be getting clean as bacteria can hide deep in the crack. Whenever cracks or small scratches develop, it is important to replace the mouthpiece for cleanliness reasons.


Benefits of Replacing the Mouthpiece Regularly:

Replacing the mouthpiece on a regular basis is part of maintaining the quality and flavour of your vapour. When a vaporizer does not have a clean mouthpiece, the bacteria can ruin the experience by making your vapour taste bad. Having a replacement set available ensures that the experience is always pleasant.

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