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Height: ~5.2 inches

*10mm connection

Melding a classic look with modern features, the Ursa Mini Rig™ is likely to be a fixture on your mantle and in your rotation. Pulling through its reinforced, base connected discus percolator, vapor is split into tiny bubbles for maximum water diffusion before being spun into a vortex for a second rinse in the internal chamber. With a constant flow of water and the spinning of the vapor, each pull is fresh, smooth, and full of flavor. We even added in our unique rear-mounted downstem and built-in reclaim catcher to prevent spills and clogging. With all of this functionality packed into a palm size, you’ll find Ursa to be a portable rig that delivers hits unrivaled by glass even twice its size.

Why Mini Rigs™? Less air = more flavor. Sacrifice nothing and elevate the ordinary session with MJA.

Included with your purchase:

(1) Ursa Mini Rig™ (10mm connection)

(1) MJA Custom Flat Quartz Bucket

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Weight 0.2 kg
Dimensions 16 × 13 × 7 cm
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