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  • Single instrument with 3 optional different setup plates – SS, Ceramic Coated SS & Aluminum
  • Max stirring capacity of 10 liters
  • Heater temperature setting from ambient to 320°C with safe temperature setting up to 345°C
  • Safe temperature circuit for accurate temperature during operation
  • Variable speed setting from 200 to 2200 RPM in steps of 10 RPM
  • Long timer range from 1 to 999 mins & infinite mode
  • Comes with PT-1000 probe to accurately measure temperature of medium
Specifications iStir HP 320
Capacity 10 Litres
Set up plate material* SS, Ceramic Coated SS & Aluminum
Heater Temperature Ambient to 3200C
Variable Speed 200-2200 RPM in steps of 10 RPM
Run Time 1-999 mins & infinite
Set-up plate dimensions (mm) 140 mm
Weight of instrument 2.2 kg
Dimension (mm) 156 x 248 x 104
Protection Class IP 21
OEM request can be entertained. Specifications can be changed without notice for quality improvement.
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