Ooze Signal 650 mAh Concentrate Vaporizer Pen


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The Ooze Signal is a powerful and efficient extract vaporizer pen with flex temp and a 650 mAh battery. Equipped with a deep atomizer bucket, dual quartz coils, and a revolutionary airflow design, the Signal is a pocket-friendly device that can be used anywhere.

When it comes to portable wax vaporizers, function and price typically go hand in hand. Ooze is taking a new direction in the concentrate game, and the Signal is the first piece of this expansion. The Signal has an extended atomizer bucket that allows for way more product to be packed inside, making each session much longer.

The airflow pulls in through the small holes in the mouthpiece, traveling down inside the bucket, below and around the coils, before finally swirling up through the tip of the mouthpiece. This means that all the extract gets vaporized for the most efficient sessions possible.

The best part of the Signal is that there is truly no competitor on the market that functions this well at this affordable price point. For just a few dollars more than a standard 510 vape pen, you can now give your customers the luxurious, full-body experience of a legitimate dab rig with the Ooze Signal.


  • SIGNAL | The Ooze Signal is a wax vaporizer pen with incredible airflow and efficiency. It is the most affordable device on the market with this level of function and capability.
  • FLEX TEMP | The Signal offers three voltage levels to heat to different temperatures. Click the button 3x to change levels: yellow is 2.7V, green is 3.3V, and red is 4.0V.
  • 4 COLOURS | The Signal comes in 4 unique colorways that stand out on the shelf. The Signal comes in Green Splatter, Ice Pink, Midnight Sun, and Rainbow.
  • RAPID CHARGE | The Signal’s 650 mAh charges quickly. Use the included micro USB cable to plug into the port in the side and charge with a wall outlet.
  • WARRANTY PROGRAM | The Signal is covered under the Ooze Warranty Program. Instruct your customers to register their device on the Oozelife website to activate their warranty before the first use.

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Dimensions 14.00 × 3.50 × 2.00 cm

Black/Green, Ice Pink, Midnight Sun, Rainbow

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