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Speed and cleanliness have always been two major issues in the Manufacturing process. The Moc 9 Airrr… addresses both issues. Manufactured with the highest quality USA made balls, finer polished raceways and a seal system that is different from all other methods of bearing seals in the bearing industry at the present time.

The Moc 9 Buna Non-Contact Seal is set into a U-channel design in the outer race and a stop on the inner race to keep all foreign particles out of the ball area. It also stops any oil leakage that might occur on a standard bearing seal. The Moc 9 design changes put the Airide a step ahead of all other bearings.

All OUST Bearings come lubricated from the factory with MET-OL Synthetic speed oil. All MOC Series bearings should be lubricated every 6 hours of use with MET-OL Synthetic speed oil. When skating slalom, down hill racing  or distance racing the bearings should be lubed every 2 hours of racing.

If no MET-OL is purchased along with the bearings, the proper lubrication maintenance schedule with MET-OL is not followed, and/or other lubricants are used, the OUST bearing warranty will automatically be VOID. Also if the bearings aren't purchased directly through Oust bearings then no refunds will be given. This matter must be taken up with the company where the original transaction was made.

All bearings are sold packaged 8 bearings per pack.

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