Pulsar Crud Bud Reusable Glass Cleaner | 16.9oz


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The Pulsar Crud Bud Reusable Glass Cleaner has been carefully formulated to give you the best cleaning experience possible. Breaking down residue, gunk and crud with ease to make your glassware look new again. Each bottle contains 16.9oz of reusable cleaner liquid, an easy access wide mouth opening and a patent pending soaking basket so you can drop your small and medium pipes right in.

Soaking Directions:

– Simply place item into the soaking basket and close container.
– Lightly shake container to agitate.
– Soak item until sparkly clean.
– Easily remove the soaking basket from container and thoroughly rinse item with warm water.
– Wash hands after each use.
– Repeat when needed

Alternatively can be used with larger items:
– Lightly shake container.
– Pour cleaner into item needing to be cleaned. Make sure to cover all openings to avoid leaks.
– Once item is clean, rinse with warm water.
– Wash hands after each use.

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