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RAW knows how essential a reliable grinder is, so they set out to create a device that will never fail. The Life Grinder is a result of that quest, and every single piece of this grinder is guaranteed! Each turn is incredibly smooth, making the grinding process less of a chore. The rubber grip ring makes it easy to get a hold of the smaller lid layer, grinding with precision. This grinder not only breaks down weed nugs to a consistent grind, but it fluffs them back up. This is key for rolling up perfect joints and packing perfect cones. If the flower gets too compacted, airflow is compromised, and the entire roll can be ruined quickly. Too loose of a grind leads to canoeing, which is always a tragedy. Grind the perfect consistency for life with the Life Grinder.


  • LIFE GRINDER | The Life Grinder is an effortless dry herb grinder created by RAW to make the grinding process faster and easier. Each individual part of this grinder can be easily cleaned and replaced.
  • 4-PIECE | A 4-piece grinder is a standard design for herb grinders. Load a nug into the top teeth layer, where it drops down onto a mesh screen that separates any loose pollen. The screen can be removed to increase the storage capacity.
  • RUBBER GRIP | The Life Grinder has a rubber ring around the lid that provides an immense amount of grip, increasing the power of the device. It turns smooth with every twist.
  • RED | This is a metallic red piece made of aluminum with a black rubber ring around the lid. The top features a white RAW logo.
  • RAW | RAW is known for their quality rolling papers and increasingly wide selection of innovative rolling and smoking accessories. The Life Grinder is a classic device with subtle improvements that go a long way to solve common issues.

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