RAW Dank Locker Mini Duffel Bag | 12″ x 5.4″


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The RAW Dank Locker Mini Duffel Bag is a zippered and padded case for holding your pipes, smoking gear, and more securely while on the go. The case utilizes double-silicone gasketed, smell-reducing zippers to help prevent unwanted odors from escaping. Inside there are elastic straps and mesh pockets for storing papers, lighters, and other small items, and the main compartment features a divider and a full foil terp locking bag that measures 4.8 inches wide by 3.1 inches tall. After you close the case up, the zippers can be secured with a combination lock (included).

Note: Combination default is "0-0-0". To reset, set to "0-0-0", press reset button (on latch side) with a pencil or small screwdriver until it clicks, rotate to desired combination, press release button on side until it clicks to set combination

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Weight 0.4 kg
Dimensions 15 × 15 × 30 cm
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