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As humble as the strawberry may seem, the truth is, it’s a lot more complex than what most people think. Luckily, Royal Blunts understands this all too well. In fact, they use the same All-Natural flavors found in Real Strawberries! Combining that with High-Quality European Hemp, and you now have the future of Blunt Wraps in your hands!

All in all, Royal Blunt Hemparillos is 100% Tobacco and Nicotine Free! That’s right; these bad boys are All-Natural Organic Blunt Wraps that’ll win you over with just one pull. Not only do Hemparillos taste good, but they also smell delicious too! In fact, the aroma of strawberries alone is known to carry over 360 volatile compounds, so you can only imagine how they smell once lit.

With this in mind, start saving time and money today by switching to Hemparillo Hemp Wraps by Royal Blunts. We now carry a sweet 15-count box that’ll start putting extra cash back in your pocket!

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