Santa Cruz Shredder x Cookies 2pc Medium Hemp Grinders

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To use the 2-piece grinder, simply pull the two halves apart to reveal the hemp teeth. Place a nug or two between the teeth and close the device back up. Use both hands to turn and grinder the contents until there is little resistance. Have a rolling tray or flat surface ready, and then separate the two halves again to dump the grind out. These grinders have grooves around the lid that make them accessible for those with weak grip strength.


  • SANTA CRUZ SHREDDER X COOKIES | Santa Cruz Shredder is a trusted brand when it comes to herb grinders, and the Cookies brand is instantly recognizable. Stock your store with products your customers trust and are drawn to immediately.
  • HEMP | Santa Cruz x Cookies hemp grinders are made of a sustainable hemp bioplastic. This makes them eco-friendly, biodegradable, and extremely durable so they last for years.
  • 2PC | The 2pc Santa Cruz Shredder x Cookies devices are very simple to use. They consist of two basic tooth layers. Instead of falling to a separate chamber, the grind is just dumped out on the table.
  • MEDIUM | This is the medium size 2-piece Santa Cruz Shredder x Cookies grinder. It is 1” tall and has a 2.125” diameter.

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