Satya (BANG) T-Lite White Sage 14g


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Satya Incense Tea-Light fragrance Candles made from 100% natural essential oils. The shape and size of these candles can fit most standard votive holders. These candles are known to contribute to aromatherapy as it emits natural and authentic aroma that can be an effective form of relaxation. As these fragrances- Lavender, sandalwood, white sage, nag champa, frankinscence, lemongrass and palo santo are known for cleansing energy from space around you and provides you perfect place for Meditation, Relaxation, Yoga etc.

When used as a heat source, ensure heated surface is at least 2 CMS above the tip of the flame. Take care not to damage the wick or to top foreign material, eg.match heads in wax pool. For an optimum result use, for at least 1 hour before extinguishing.

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