Soy Candle | Agarwood Dehn Al Oodh | Amber Glass Jar


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The scented candle is prepared with essential oils and natural soy wax.Its luxurious, rich and heavenly aroma makes this our signature scent. The warm and inviting woody scent of this oodh fragrance is definitely a class apart. Its luxurious, rich and heave.

200 grams. Burn Time: 60 hours  
Description For that warm fuzzy glow. Handmade with love!
These organic candles are lovingly hand-poured, using natural soy wax. The goodness of soy wax lies in the fact that it is a renewable resource that’s not only toxin-free, but burns much longer as well. Our lead-free cotton wicks add to their eco-friendly composition. Gently infused with the exquisite fragrance of natural essential oils, our candles are sure to brighten up your spirits.
Burn Time: 60 Hours
Story Organic Goodness
It's all about going back to the roots to discover the true joys of life. For the blissful scent of rose and jasmine will always bring a smile to your lips, the potent goodness of sandalwood and patchouli will warm your heart, and the freshness of orange transports you back to a joyous childhood. Going back to these basics, we believe in making beautiful products, rich in organic ingredients and handmade with love. Together, these herbal products are not only the key to a healthy organic lifestyle, but also strengthen our bond with our roots with all that is beautiful and natural.
Ingredients Natural Soy wax and fragrant essential oil
Olfactory Note Perfect for meditation and other sensory experiences, these candles ensure long term positivity in the environment

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