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This Spa Candle Pack includes six different scents to try and experience. In this pack you’ll receive a 15 hour burn candle, including the following scents:

Frankies Fun Angel Dust Forbidden Fantasy
Subtle Seduction Purple Haze Devil’s Advocaat

These candles were a sellout when launched at SEXPO Brisbane in 2019, and have won multiple awards.

To Use: Light the wick and place the candle somewhere safe to burn for approximately 15-20 minutes. This will fill the air with your chosen fragrance; and then blow out the flame, and tip the warm oil straight on the body; and gently massage in. This massage experience is like no other!

You may choose to forgo the flame and simply spoon or scoop the soft wax from the container and apply directly to the skin, but the gentle warmth from the candle is highly recommended to ensure you receive the most pleasure and sensual experience!

The intoxicating scent from the candles and the act of massage will ensure you’re always in the mood to lustfully explore and discover each other’s bodies; and ignite your inner passion!

Pro Tip: If you pour the melted wax/oil down your partner's back from the neck to the ass crack, you’ll create a near orgasmic experience as you begin to massage the oil into the body.

Function: Massage Oil Candle | Colour: White

Burn Time: Approx 15 hours per candle | Net Weight: 65 grams per candle

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