Elev8 Terp Typhoon Quartz Banger | 14mm Male 90 Degree


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This is a dope quartz banger with the drop down built into the neck of the banger! No more need for separate pieces that are more prone to breaking, now you can dab with a solid banger that holds the hot dish down and away from your rig and face. There are directional air pathways in the sides of the banger, and when the top is sealed with a marble cap the suction that you create when you hit your rig will spin a terp pearl like a typhoon. Add a marble and terp pearls to get the full experience.


  • Comes in a 90 degree bend or our 55 degree bend.  We find that 45 is too much, so we did 55!
  • Outer Diameter of Dish = 25mm
  • Wall thickness of Dish = 2.5mm
  • Full, super clean weld for added strength and sexiness

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Dimensions 8 × 8 × 3 cm
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