Tiki Quartz Male 90 Degree Full Weld Orb Banger


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The quality of a banger can make or break the entire dabbing experience. Tiki Quartz understands this, and creates a wide variety of different sizes, shapes and styles of dab bangers. Quartz is the ideal material to craft bangers out of, and all Tiki Quartz bangers are made from pure quartz. This type of glass gives a pure taste that puts all the attention on the natural flavors of the terpenes. The Tiki Orb banger has an innovative design that makes sure all oils and waxes are vaporized. The shape is essentially a Slurper style banger with small bucket with a glass orb extending from the bottom, with a cup at the base. The Orb has a round center chamber instead of a straight tube, and this gives a bit more room for the hit to milk. Add the dab into the top, and it will drip down into the bottom dish. There are 3 airflow slits that create a vacuum that pushes the wax back into the main chamber to be vaporized. This system is designed to maximize the flavors produced with each dab.

  • TIKI QUARTZ | Tiki Quartz is a brand of high-quality glass pieces, and they are experts when it comes to bangers. Their range of different sizes, shapes and styles of bangers is extensive.
  • ORB BANGER | The Tiki Orb banger is an innovative design intended to maximize the flavors created with each dab. The banger has an orb the extends from the bottom and has a dish piece at the very base. Airflow slits create a vacuum that perfectly vaporizes every last bit of concentrate.
  • 14MM MALE | This banger has a 14mm male connection joint that is compatible with any 14mm dab rig. The connection piece is frosted quartz which gives it some grip and creates a seal with rig.
  • 90 DEGREE | This banger sits at a 90-degree right angle when inserted into the rig. It has a fully welded airflow system.

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Weight 0.034 kg
Dimensions 11 × 14 × 3 cm

10mm, 14mm

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