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The Toker Poker is an all-inclusive ergonomic smoker’s tool!

The Rick and Morty Toker Poker range has finally landed! Keep a spare Mr Meeseeks around to remind that existence is indeed, pain. Or maybe your very own Pickle Rick who will most definitely scream that he is a toker poker every time you pull him out of your pocket. Or at least you will when you pass it to a friend. “I’m Toker Poker Riiiicck!”

It fits snugly on your BIC lighter, and now your poker, hemp wick, tamper and lighter are all in the same place.

Put your hand up if the bottom corners of your BIC are burnt or melted? Well the specially tapered corner on this has a metal end| shaped perfect for stoking your cone. The hinged wire pulls out for all your poking & unblocking needs and tucks neatly away when not in use. And if hemp wick is your thing| there’s even a part to wrap it around and keep it handy for convenience.

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