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Ultrapure Plus butane gas is the highest grade premium European gas

The cleanest & purest butane on the market. Perfect to refill your lighter or butane vaporiser and for essential oil extraction.

  • 99.995% Pure butane
  • odourless
  • max pressure
  • Big 420mL can

The Best Butane Safety Practices You Must Follow
Luckily, butane safety practices are just as important to butane companies as they are to consumers. Every butane company, from Lucienne butane to Puretane butane, is required to provide a material safety data sheet that gives customers specific information about the hazards associated with their product as well as safety precautions to follow. Be sure to read these thoroughly before using the product, but here are a few necessary steps that will help you to use butane safely and efficiently.

  1. Take precautions to avoid inhaling butane when using it for cooking, heating, or lighting.
  2. Keep butane canisters away from heat, sparks, open flame, and hot surfaces.
  3. Don’t smoke near butane or light a cigarette when using it.
  4. Store butane in a well-ventilated area away from direct sunlight and food and drink.
  5. Let lighters or canisters cool off before refilling them.
  6. Use only approved containers for storage.
  7. Keep storage containers closed and clearly labelled.
  8. Ground and bond containers during product transfer to avoid explosions. Use special slow load procedures if you’re refilling a container that was previously storing another fuel.
  9. When using butane industrially, cover eyes with goggles and wear an apron and protective, heat-resistant gloves.
  10. Do not try to extinguish a butane-caused fire until the source of the gas can be turned off.
  11. Never try to fight a large fire by yourself.
  12. Wash or consider disposing of clothing that has come into contact with butane. Sometimes, the gas can start a fire in the washing machine.
  13. And, as always, keep out of reach of children.

If you’re exposed to butane gas, follow these essential safety procedures and obtain medical attention immediately.

  1. Get to fresh air. If someone’s breathing is irregular or stops completely, give artificial respiration until medical personnel arrive.
  2. Immediately run exposed skin under warm water.
  3. Flush out eyes for at least fifteen minutes with warm water. Hold your eyelids open and away from the eye so that the whole surface is washed out.


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