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The Vintage Bus Stash Jar is a ceramic container that looks like a hippie bus from the 70s! This piece will bring good vibes to every smoke session. The bus has a white body with a wide band of rainbow tie-dye swirls. It has a black windshield and windows, black hubcaps, and a peace sign decal front and center. There is a large cork on the top in the center, which allows access inside the jar. We recommend taking these containers out of the box to really show off all their fun details, but the Vintage Bus stash jar’s packaging is clear and shows off the piece. A paper insert covers one side and gives details as to what it is, but the rest of the packaging is clear plastic that shows off the bus. This is a fun piece that can be used for more than just storing weed!

  • VINTAGE BUS | The Vintage Bus stash jar was made to look like a hippie bus from the 70s. This is a large container that measures 5” x 3.5” x 2.5”. It has a large cork on the center of the top that allows access into the jar.
  • CERAMIC | The Vintage Bus stash jar is made entirely of ceramic. It was made all in one piece, with a large cork to fill the entry hole on the top. It has a smooth finish and feels sturdy in hand.
  • NOVELTY | Novelty pieces like the Vintage Bus stash jar make great gifts, especially during the holiday season. The fun shapes will resonate with different customers, inspiring more impulse buys than the average piece.
  • PACKAGING | The Vintage Bus Stash Jar can be displayed in or out of its packaging. It comes in a clear plastic box with a paper insert covering just one side. The rest of the box shows off the contents.
  • IN-STORE DISPLAY | Display all your Fashioncraft products together for a super fun, eye-catching in-store display! These pieces are bright, bold and colorful, and the more pieces with random shapes you can display together, the more attention you’ll attract to your displays.

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