Water Pipe Adapter – Rig To Vape Connector (14mm Male Black)


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The water pipe adapter has been around since Elev8 made the first Silver Surfer and needed to connect it to a water pipe.  After many many years we have done a redesign.  Our older version is amazing, but our new version solves some issues we found.

If you want to save some money, get the old style where the water pipe adapter goes into the tubing.  Really, this thing works great!

If you want the new new, then the new design is for you.  Why did we make a change?
Well, because we are always looking to make things better, and after 14 years the idea finally came.  The new design allows you to put your tubing inside the glass.  We do this because it is easier to take apart.  It’s a tad tricky to put the tubing into the wand, but don’t fret, a little practice and you will get it like you learned to tie you shoes.  We feel this allows a slightly larger air path, but more importantly it is able to act as a swivel for those of you who pass your attached rig to another vapor lover.

How To Use

  • Old Male
    • Push the adapter into the tubing.  Adding a little water to the water pipe adapter or sticking the end of the tube in some water will make this easier.
  • New Female
    • Fold the tubing with your fingers and push into the adapter.  Rotate the adapter and the fold will pop out making a great seal.  Careful not to push your tubing past the indent to keep your air flow with the least restriction.

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