Wigwag Wonderland Beaker by Billy Mate | DU-120156


Mixed Colours, Sent Randomly: Embrace the element of surprise with the Wigwag Wonderland Beaker, available in a variety of mixed colours, sent randomly. Each piece is a unique expression of artistic flair.

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Dive into a world of mesmerizing design and unparalleled smoking pleasure with the Wigwag Wonderland Beaker – a true masterpiece by Billy Mate. Elevate your smoking experience with every draw as this beaker unveils its stunning wigwag base design, an artful dance of colors that captivates the senses.

Mesmerizing Wigwag Base: Immerse yourself in a wonderland of colours with the captivating wigwag base design, making each session an artistic delight.

Ice Catcher: Take your chill factor to the next level. The Wigwag Wonderland Beaker comes equipped with an ice catcher for an exceptionally smooth and refreshing smoking experience.

Coloured Mouthpiece and Matching Ice Catcher: Unveil your style with the coloured mouthpiece and matching ice catcher, creating a harmonious visual symphony that complements the intricate design.

Billy Mate Glass Stem: Experience the quality craftsmanship of Billy Mate with the included glass stem, ensuring durability and optimal smoking performance.

Golden Billy Mate Logo: Adorned with a golden Billy Mate logo on the neck and stem, this 25cm beaker is a symbol of sophistication and premium quality.

Indulge in the extraordinary and make a statement with the Wigwag Wonderland Beaker by Billy Mate. Elevate your smoking ritual to new heights, where style meets functionality in a symphony of colors and craftsmanship. Grab yours now and step into a wonderland of smoking sophistication!

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Dimensions 15.00 × 15.00 × 40.00 cm
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