Yocan Orbit Concentrate Vaporizer | 1800mAh


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  • 1800mAh battery
  • Concentrate vape
  • Coil-less quartz cup w/ terp pearls
  • 10 second preheat function
  • Stainless steel body
  • Variable voltage
  • Discreet size
  • Multiple color options


The Yocan Orbit Concentrate Vaporizer features out-of-this-world technology that shines as a guiding star for all concentrate and wax vapes! The first ever Yocan vaporizer of its kind, the Orbit includes terp pearls that rotate with the airflow within the concentrate chamber. These dab pearls function to distribute heat and evenly vaporize concentrates. The coil-less quartz cup chamber allows the terp beads to move freely and heat to their full potential.
A recurring benefit with Yocan vaporizers, this wax vape also has variable voltage settings, ranging from 3.4 volts to 4.0 volts. Though this may seem like a tighter range than that of other vaporizers, Yocan developers determined this heating range to be the most efficient and effective in combination with the quartz heating element and quartz terp balls.

The Yocan Orbit has a distinguished stainless steel body an charges quickly via a USB-C charge connection. These vapes are lightweight and fit perfectly into any pocket, purse, or pouch. Enjoy the power and discretion of the Yocan Orbit in a variety of color options.

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