Arizer Extreme Q / V Tower Vaporizer Heater Cover


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To replace your heater cover, begin by removing the four rubber feet from the bottom of Extreme Q Vaporizer’s base. This will uncover four metal screws. Unfasten these screws and remove the bottom base cover in its entirety. Next, locate the two screws on both sides of the circuit board. Unfasten these screws to remove the vaporizer’s cylinder. This may require a bit of gentle wiggling and jiggling. Just be careful not to damage the circuit board by touching it. When the Extreme Q Vaporizer cylinder is removed, you will be able to see the ceramic heater. Take off the long cotter pin attached to the glass heater cover and carefully remove any broken glass particles that you happen to find. After the unit is clean, insert the new Arizer Extreme Vaporizer Heater Cover and secure it with the long cotter pin. Make certain that the insulation tube around the glass heater is properly positioned. Now screw in the top four support screws to promote evenly distributed and centered support for the vaporizer cylinder. Align the holes in the cylinder so that they meet perfectly with the holes in the base. Then, affix the two screws that hold the cylinder in place. All that is left to do now is to replace the Extreme Q Vaporizer base, screw in its four screws, and reinsert its four rubber feet. You are officially ready to vaporize!

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