Elev8 | 10 Inch Beaker w/ Wig Wag Bottom


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Foreign Artisan Made
Water Pipe Design:
Beaker Tube
Rig 8-10 Inch
Line Work/Wig Wag
Joint Type or Size:
14mm Female
Joint Type or Size:
Removable joint
Joint Type or Size:
45 Degree

This is the most perfect small beaker water pipe!  Standing at 10 inches with a really dope wig wag piece of glass in the bottom to really Elev8 this water pipe.  Made on heavy wall 38mm tubing to be as thick as possible.  Our foreign artisans really did a remarkable job making this mini tube.


  • Stands about 10 inches tall
  • Features a 19mm glass joint
  • Comes with a 19mm-14mm downstem
  • Comes with a 14mm bowl
  • Qualifies for Phoenix Oath Warranty
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