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Introducing the KANAO Pro: Elevating Vaporization to New Heights!

Get ready to experience the future of vaporization with the remarkable KANAO Pro! We’re thrilled to introduce our second-generation vaporizer, featuring the cutting-edge patented ECA technology. The KANAO Pro takes vaporization to a whole new level with its advanced ECA convection technology, setting new standards for efficiency and comfort in herb vaporization. Brace yourself for a transformative journey in the world of vaporizers!

But that’s not all – the KANAO Pro isn’t just about performance, it’s also a design masterpiece. With its sleek, compact, and stylish design, including the refined black casing and extendable black glass mouthpiece, the KANAO Pro captures attention and sophistication.

And here’s the kicker: luxury meets compactness with the KANAO Pro‘s dimensions measuring just 5.2 cm * 2.5 cm * 8.4 cm (without the glass mouthpiece) and 5.2 cm * 2.5 cm * 10.2 cm with the glass mouthpiece. A testament to the elegance of compact design!

Unveiling the Ingenious ECA Technology

Introducing ECA, or “Easy Care Airpath,” a game-changing innovation. The air and heating channel, once concealed, are now revealed. A simple removal of the mouthpiece unit, combined with pressing the strainer using the magenta chamber rod, exposes the heating and air duct. This revelation marks a significant leap forward!

Cleaning becomes effortless with the fully visible air duct. Say goodbye to the frustration of cleaning hard-to-reach spots. The KANAO Pro ensures an unobstructed air duct, making maintenance simpler than ever.

Exceptional Display and Functionality

Equipped with a generous 0.96-inch dual display, the KANAO Pro shows both preset and current temperatures simultaneously. Divided into two sections, the display presents temperature info in the upper segment and timed intervals and battery levels in the lower section.

Empowering users, the KANAO Pro‘s OLED dual display features a customizable timer. You can set vaporization durations between 3 and 6 minutes before automatic shutdown, offering flexibility tailored to your preferences.

Adding to the experience is the vibration function, delivering timely feedback. This function notifies users when the desired temperature is reached, when the device is powered on or off, and during other key moments.

Swift Heating and Precision Evaporation

Mastery over temperature is yours with the precise range of 320 °F – 428 °F / 160 °C – 221 °C, providing ultimate control over different herbs. The KANAO Pro‘s convection technology, a result of collaboration with a distinguished German company, ensures rapid heating in under 30 seconds and an evaporation experience that’s sure to impress.

A Testament to Quality

 Quality reigns supreme in the KANAO Pro, embodying technological excellence, user-friendliness, and portability, all while maintaining material integrity. The premium materials not only speak to quality but also deliver a tactile and visual experience that confirms the KANAO ‘s exceptional performance and craftsmanship. Once you’ve tried it, you’ll recognize the unmatched superiority of this groundbreaking convection vaporizer.

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