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A flavor pearl sits inside each filter, and you squeeze the filter until you feel a pop that activates the Suga Punch flavor. If the pearl is not popped, it will taste just like an unflavored, plain King Palm. The Suga Punch flavor is a honey orange combination that was dreamed up by Sean O’Malley. Each filter adds a subtle burst of flavor that complements, rather than overpowers the natural flavors of the flower. King Palms are the world’s first palm leaf pre-rolls and are completely biodegradable. These leaves come from the Cordia tree, which produces an abundance of leaves that are quickly regrown after being picked by farmers. King Palm filter tips are environmentally friendly, too! Made from 100% corn husk, the dense fibers create the perfect barrier. King Palm rolls and filters contain no additives, chemicals or tobacco; they use only all-natural essential oils to create these incredible flavour concoctions.


  • SUGA PUNCH | Each pouch includes 2 Mini size rolls that hold up to 1g of flower each. All rolls have a Suga Punch filter tip for a knockout combination of juicy orange and pure honey flavors.
  • SQUEEZE TO ACTIVATE | Each flavored filter tip has a terpene-infused flavor pearl inside. Squeeze the filter to pop the ball and activate the flavor. The filter will remain unflavored if you choose not to pop the pearl.
  • TOBACCO-FREE | King Palm pre-rolls are made from the leaves of the Cordia tree. Each roll is 100% tobacco-free, biodegradable, and all-natural. The corn husk filters are non-GMO and contain only all-natural essential oils, no additives or chemicals.
  • PACK IT | Each pouch includes a packing stick to help properly pack the roll with flower. We recommend using a chunky grind for the ideal burn.

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