RAW CDT+ Terp Spray 5ml


Multiple flavour options available.

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Bring out the flavour of your herbs! This RAW CDT+ Terp Spray uses botanically extracted terpenes to highlight the natural flavours of your customer’s flower. Simply spray onto a rolling paper, cone, or wrap before use, wait six minutes for the product to dry, and enjoy.

The Raw Terps Spray is innovative product designed to elevate your smoking journey. Crafted with pure cannabis-native terpenes, the natural oils responsible for cannabis’s distinct scent and taste, this spray will unleash the full potential of your smoking materials.

Sour Apple Terp Spray – Dominant Terps of Caryophllene – The Only Terp that Acts as a Cannabinoid!

Orange Soda Terp Spray – Dominant Terps of Myrcene – Intensifies and Amplifies!

SFV OG Terp Spray – Dominant Terps of Limonene – Relieves Cough Lock and Lifts You Up!

Purple Gelato – Dominant Terps of Beta Caryophllene – Helps with Mood Orientation and calming!

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Orange Soda, SFV OG, Sour Apple, Purple Gelato

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