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RAW makes it easier than ever to roll up their top-tier rolling papers into the perfect cone every single time. No more tears, uneven flower distribution, or seals that unstick. Use the Cone Creator as a removeable crutch that provides structure and creates that cone shape before any flower is added. To use, roll up a filter tip and insert it into the bottom opening of the Cone Creator. Then take a single rolling paper sheet and line the end of it up with the end of the filter. Roll the paper into the cone shape, using the Cone Creator as the guide. Keep the paper tight, and lick the gum edge to seal the shape closed. Pull the little rope at the top of the Cone Creator to pull it right out of the cone, and voila! The Cone Creator has created the perfect cone.


  • CONE CREATOR | The RAW Cone Creator was designed to give anyone the ability to expertly roll the perfect cone into a joint. It is a small, hollow black piece with a short rope at the top.
  • RAW | RAW is known for their quality rolling papers and increasingly wide selection of innovative rolling and smoking accessories. The Cone Creator can turn any regular RAW rolling paper into a perfect cone in a matter of seconds.
  • EASY TO USE | The Cone Creator requires just a few steps to use. Roll a filter tip and insert it in the bottom. Take the rolling paper and line up the bottom edge with the edge of the filter and roll against the shape of the Cone Creator. Lick the edge to seal it shut and pull the rope to remove it from the perfectly formed cone.
  • KEYCHAIN | The small rope at the top of the Cone Creator has a tiny loop that can be used as a keychain. Bring the ability to instantly roll a perfect cone with you wherever you go.

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