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Wiz Khalifa and leading rolling papers manufacturers RAW have collaborated once again to give the smoking connoisseurs this all in one leading smoking product!

How big can Raw go? Well, here is the brand new Raw Pre Rolled Cone Supernatural which falls in at 280mm in length, or a little bit over 11 inches! Don’t smoke by yourself!!

Enjoy your favourite smoke in its purest RAW form. Try RAW Natural Pre Rolled and experience the amazing difference to suit the most discerning smoking connoisseur. These Raw Pre Rolled Cones are perfect for people who have trouble rolling up or for those that can but prefer a treat every now and then.

RAW Natural Rolling Papers have developed a cult-like following. RAW are pure, less processed rolling papers unlike anything that you have ever seen or smoked. Because they contain a hybrid blend of unbleached (not chlorine whitened) fibers, the paper is a translucent natural light brown color. RAW is so thin that you can see through it. Each paper is watermarked with RAW’s patented CrissCross watermark. This special watermark helps prevent runs and maintains the smooth even-burning characteristics that RAW are famous for.

Product Details:

Size: Supernatural GIGA
28mm Diameter Top End Cone
1 Pre Rolled Cones per packet
Rice Paper and Natural Hemp-Based Gum
Additive-free and 100% Vegan
Translucent Ultra-Thin Papers

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Dimensions 31 × 2 × 2 cm
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