Crop Kingz Rocket Roll 1pk Hemp Cones with Biodegradable Edible Sugar Tip


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Leave nothing behind by rolling up and chowing down on a Crop Kingz Rocket Roll! These organic pre-rolled cones are finished off with a unique, flavored candy filter tip. This adds a sweet pop of flavor during the smoke session. While the blunt is burning, activated smoke and resin are caught in the filter tip, which can then be eaten once the blunt is gone. Since it’s already been lit, the resin will add an extra kick to the high. Each hand-rolled cone is packed into a resealable mylar pouch, with a biodegradable packing stick to make sure the blunt is packed evenly and burns slow. These retail displays are brightly colored and resemble classic candy packaging, so be sure to display them prominently to draw attention.

  • ROCKET ROLL | Crop Kingz Rocket Rolls are a new style and size for Crop Kingz organic hemp cones. These are spiral rolled by hand and hold 25% more flower than standard blunt cones.
  • PRE-ROLLED CONE | Each Rocket Roll is rolled by hand. Master artisans use a spiral roll to create these cones, giving them more capacity and staying sturdy through the entire smoke session.
  • ORGANIC | Crop Kingz Rocket Roll cones are made from hemp and are 100% organic, pesticide-free, and non-GMO. These cones are grown and rolled in the USA.

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