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M Plus Dry Herb Vapouriser by DynaVape is the most recent model of DynaVap's popular M Dry Herb Vaporiser (as of 2023) that can be used for dry herbs or concentrates. The DynaVap M Plus Dry Herb Vape features improved airflow management for faster heating, a finless tip and more pronounced airport that all help to improve your dry herb or concentrate vaping experience.


The DynaVap M Plus Herbal Vaporizer has improved features to its predecessors but maintains the qualities that made all 'M' Vapourisers best-sellers: the surgical-grade stainless steel construction and patented, temperature-reading Captive Cap.


All DynaVap M Herbal Vapes are battery-free and the M Plus is no different in that regard. Having no electronic components means you can use it anywhere and anytime by just adding a heat source. You can use a butane jet lighter (torch) or upgrade to an induction heater, like the battery-powered Ispire The Wand Induction Heather that'll heat your M Plus Dry Herb Vape in 30s… Just don't forget to purchase the DynaVap Glass Adaptor to make your induction heating easier.

Whichever heat source you use, the DynaVap M Plus Dry Herb Vape gets you great extraction and vapour flavour, from dry herb material and even concentrates (using a DynaCoil Adaptor for concentrates that you can purchase separately).

If you'd like to know more about what the DynaVap M Plus Dry Herb Vapouriser and how to use it, visit the DynaVap site for all the info you'll need.


  • 15% greater tip volume compared to the preceding M Herbal Vapes.
  • Updated finless tip design for more rapid heat-up time.
  • First M Dry Herb Vape to feature heat indicator markers (as at 2023).
  • Nearly full extractions in a single heating cycle.
  • Made with surgical-grade stainless steel.
  • Square airport design makes it simpler to monitor and regulate airflow.
  • 'Adjust-a-bowl' function can be used to adjust bowl's chamber.
  • 'Pivot' method smoothly regulates airflow using a rocker.
  • Textured finish for improved grip.
  • Grinding mechanism integrated within the dosing chamber.
  • 10mm female water piece compatible.
  • Can be stored in regular DynaStashes or SlimStashes.
  • DynaCoil compatible to vape concentrates.
  • Packaged in recyclable cardboard boxes.


  • DynaVap M Plus Dry Herb Vapouriser

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